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How to Convert Images From HEIC to JPG

How to Convert Images From HEIC to JPG

In today’s digital world, taking high-quality pictures has become very common but quite often we tend to get stuck when it comes to compatibility and storage issues. Modern iOS devices use the High Efficiency Image File Format HEIC, which is a highly efficient format for compression but it’s not as widely accepted as JPEG. This results in the necessity of conversion, mostly for sharing and printing requirements.

In this article, we will discuss ways in which you can conveniently change your HEIC images to JPG format through the use of web tools and have all your memories only a click away from compatibility with diverse devices as well as services.

What is HEIC format?

The HEIC format is an abbreviation of High Efficiency Image Container; a file type that was invented by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). From iOS 11, Apple incorporated this image format as the default for photos in its iOS devices. It is famous for its incredible capability to compress pictures much better than older codecs like JPEG without having a notable effect on the quality of images. The outcome is HD-quality photographs occupying fifty percent less memory, and consequently the effective use of space for their storage on mobile devices.

Yet, even though there are so many benefits connected with HEIC format usage it has its own disadvantages. The main challenge that users encounter is compatibility. Most operating systems, online services and third party software outside the Apple environment are not compatible with HEIC files. This usually implies a transformation into another format that is more universally usable, for example JPG in the case where users want to upload photos on websites or share them with non-iOS people or even print.

What is JPG format?

The JPEG, which is traditionally known as JPG has the full name of Joint Photographic Experts Group that describes a title of team developing this universal format. It uses a lossy compression method in the digital image where many colors are used. JPEG format offers one of the most important characteristics, a good trade-off between file size and image quality that allows very high user-controlled compression. This versatility has made JPEG one of the most popular formats for images on the Internet since it provides efficient storage and transmission yet preserves a satisfactory level of visual fidelity.

The popularity of the format is also caused by its great compatibility with a wide range of software, operating systems and devices. JPEG images are the definitive ‘on-screen’ format through desktops, smartphones or web destinations, for viewing ease of use and sharing convenience across any platform. Thanks to this widespread preference, JPEG has been adopted as the popular format of choice for nearly any use case scenario in digital photography. It’s also popular as an easy printing format, and that is why people often transcode images in the formats like HEIC to JPEG.

HEIC Vs. JPG: Which is better?

Discussions on HEIC versus JPG are influenced by a number of factors that largely revolve around picture quality and file effectiveness. Using its superior compression algorithms leads to reduced file sizes while the loss in visual acuity is manageable. This image format denotes higher efficiency and with live photos, 16-bit color depth as well as image sequences among others features; it makes supremacy for imagery on enhanced mobile devices. Nevertheless, despite its technical benefits the weakness of HEIC is about compatibility that reigns mostly within the Apple environment.

However, JPG intensively uses a lossy compression approach while it is more universally paired but this might result in image quality weakening due to repeated editing and save of the edited images. However, the widespread acceptance of JPG and users’ ability to control quality file size balance is still a reason why this format remains relevant.

For example, in cases when images have to be processed by different devices or if they need post-production and stored in the archives, JPG may prove more convenient. The tradeoff between the advantages of both formats more often than not results in usage for HEIC only at first capture and storage stages, especially among predominantly Apple device users, with later transforming into JPG to share or make compatible.

How to convert HEIC images to JPG online for free?

  • On Imghippo.com website, go to HEIC-to-JPG conversion tool
  • Choose your preferred output quality
  • Upload your files that you want to convert
  • Click on convert
  • Download the images on your device

Wrapping up!

Ultimately, while the HEIC format is notable for its space saving and cutting-edge capabilities in Apple’s world; JPG maintains general use popularity due to universality and balance between image quality retention versus a manageable file size. Changing the HEIC files to JPG format is a win-win since image clarity can be preserved while also enabling usage with many devices or various purposes.

Author: Jennifer Brien
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